9 Must-Try Milk Chocolate Recipes


In honor of today, National Milk Chocolate Day, I started searching Pinterest for interesting milk chocolate recipes. Surprisingly, a lot of recipes don’t specify milk chocolate in their titles. It seems a lot more recipes use bittersweet or baker’s chocolate. I did find a lot of s’mores recipes that use milk chocolate. But for this… [Read More]

Flower Inspired Fashion


For one of my first fashion posts, I used flowers as inspiration to create a fashion collage (part 1, part 2). Even after a year of posting, we liked the idea so much, we wanted to repeat it again this summer. Yesterday, I featured some of my favorite Southern California flowers. With these flowers in mind, I created three… [Read More]

Southern California Flowers


There are a lot of things I love about Southern California — access to gorgeous beaches, great shopping, the most amazing farmer’s markets and fresh produce. But the thing I’m reminded of most often is how gorgeous the flora is here. I officially love Southern California flowers. If you follow me on Instagram, you know… [Read More]

Three Melon Salad with Basil


My favorite summer fruit is watermelon, no contest. I remember being a kid and getting so excited when my mom would cut up slices of watermelon for a snack on those hot and humid Wisconsin summer days. While perusing Yummly the other day, I happened upon a cantaloupe salad served in it’s own rind bowl. “What a cute idea,… [Read More]

Dainty and Delicate Jewelry


I’m sure you’ve seen the ring stacking trend that’s been popular since last spring. I think stacked rings might be a little overdone at this point, but what I love about the trend is taking those delicate rings and wearing them alone. Delicate jewelry is definitely on trend this summer. Refinery 29 says this trend promises the… [Read More]

Trend Sight: Stripes and Florals Together


I think I might have found my new favorite 2014 trend, stripes and florals together. I was chatting with my sister on the phone while she waited for her airplane to arrive at SFO. She said, “you should talk about stripes on the blog, they are everywhere. It’s like every woman at the airport is wearing stripes.”  It’s… [Read More]

Rocco’s Day at the Petting Zoo


Last weekend, our local Orange County Wisconsin Alumni Chapter hosted a day at Zoomar’s petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano. Jade and I haven’t attended any alumni events since Rocco was born. We also haven’t ventured out of the house with both kids, other than a quick trip to the farmer’s market or a walk… [Read More]

Caprese Tart with Heirloom Tomatoes


We visit the farmer’s market nearly every Saturday. This past weekend, what stood out the most were brightly colored heirloom tomatoes. Jade always gives me a hard time because I’m Italian, but not really a tomato person. More accurately, I don’t like raw tomatoes that much—except for cherry tomatoes. Many of the farmers’ tables were overflowing with… [Read More]

How We Dealt with Infant Colic


Colic is Satan incarnate. “She won’t stop crying. I seriously can’t take this anymore. Will this ever stop? Is something wrong with her? Is she ever going to be a normal baby?” I repeated to myself, tears rolling down my cheeks, every day for two months straight. This is life with a baby who has… [Read More]

Practical or Posh: Black and White Heels


Probably my current favorite fashion trend is the black and white trend (seriously, here, here). I love it because it really is timeless and classic. Black and white clothing, even with patterns or prints, can be worn for many seasons. The combination of black and white is also a neutral, so it works well with almost anything… [Read More]

12 Delicious S’mores Dessert Recipes


One of my favorite parts of summers as a kid were trips to my friends’ cottages in northern Wisconsin and vacations at my grandparent’s lake house in upper Michigan. I loved everything about it (well, except the mosquitoes). Trips to the lake meant boating, swimming, walks on the beach, sandcastles, bonfires, and grilling out. And… [Read More]